Sugar Skull Frida Kahlo Inspired Costumes




Julie and I are super excited to show off our Sugar Skull Frida Kahlo costume ideas.  We had an amazing time dressing up and painting our faces.  We went with Frida Kahlo inspired costumes because who doesn't want to dress up as a badass, strong, creative woman?!

Frida Kahlo has also been a longtime inspiration for Andrea, Gaia Conceptions owner/founder/designer.  Andrea has been especially inspired by and drawn to Frida's love of and play with vibrant and lively colors.  So it was perfect to use our rich, earthy and bright eco-friendly dyed garments for these costumes! 

To invoke the style and spirit of Frida Kahlo, both Julie and I chose to wear a Sari Gaia garment.  Our Sari garments are inspired by Andrea's travels in India and the traditional Indian Sari, but we found that they also work great for a Frida costume because of the shawls she often wore.  

A BIG THANK YOU to Elaine B, who stopped by NOMAD Boutique at the perfect time to take this photograph for us!! 

A BIG THANK YOU to Elaine B, who stopped by NOMAD Boutique at the perfect time to take this photograph for us!! 

Julie layered our Love Me 2 Times Sari Simplicity Below Knee Dress in Light Hemp/Organic Cotton Knit in color Red over our Vinyassa Long Skirt in Organic Tissue Cotton in color Squash.

I chose our Love Me 2 Times Sari Leggings in Organic Stretch Cotton in color Midnight layered under our Fountain Long Skirt in Light Hemp/Organic Cotton Knit in color Eggplant. (The leggings under my skirt kept me nice and warm and will be great for anyone celebrating Halloween in a colder climate!)

After we picked out our outfits, it was on to creating a sugar skull face.  We used a basic face painting kit from our local craft store.  First applying a layer of white paint, we then added the dramatic black eyes bordered by flower petals and black stitches across the lips. If you aren't sure how to paint on a sugar skull face, it was actually surprisingly easier than we expected! You can always look at our photos for guidance or search the internet for more sugar skull ideas and inspiration.  

Julie braided her hair in Frida Kahlo fashion and pinned flowers behind her ear.  I used one of our handwoven necklaces/headbands made from fabric scraps in our studio and tucked my flowers into that! They held in place perfectly and the headband was soft and comfortable on my head. 

The best part about this costume is that we can use these garments in our daily life!! We didn't have to go out to a big box costume store and spend lots of money on a costume that we'll most likely never wear again (or only wear at Halloween time)! The four garments that we wore for these costumes and photo shoot are classic, beautiful, elegant, comfortable pieces that we can dress up or down and add to our daily wardrobe!

To make sure to receive your garments before Halloween, we recommend ordering by Tuesday, October 7th! It takes us 2-3 weeks to create handmade one of a kind Gaia garments from time of purchase to time of shipment from our studio.

Happy Halloween, All Saints Day and Day of the Dead!!

Love, Hannah & Julie