Fresh Cuts - Stash Simplicity Series

Ever travel and need a safe & secure place to carry your money and ID? We looked and looked for a money belt to take on our trip to India, Burma and Japan, but we didn't find anything that we absolutely loved.  So, why not make it ourselves?! This stash skirt is PERFECT for your adventures.  You can carry your essentials with you and don't even need to carry a bag! Whether you're headed to another country, or checking out your local market, or going to your see your favorite band, these skirts will meet your needs! 

The Stash Simplicity Skirt Series: Our signature A-line Simplicity design skirt with a folded waistband made from stretch organic cotton for an easy and comfortable fit with a built in zippered pocket. The pocket is the perfect size for all your essentials and the zipper keeps everything secure.