Gaia Gals - Fall Photos with Remi featuring Gaia Girls

Gillian, of our Gaia Tribe, captured gorgeous photos of her lil one, Remi playing outside in a couple of her Gaia Girls favorites.  Remi LOVES her Gaia clothes because she can easily play, climb trees, run and jump.  They feel super soft and comfy and allow for lots of movement and activity!  (Plus Remi has the extra advantage of having clothes that her mom helps handmake!!)

Gillian loves these clothes for Remi because they are safe and soft on her sensitive skin and Remi is able to keep wearing these garments as she grows up.  For example, as she has grown taller the skirt has moved from a below knee to a short skirt and the drawstring waist creates a comfortable fit! 

Remi is rockin our Double Layer skirt in light hemp/organic cotton knit dyed Eggplant with low-impact fiber reactive dye and the Beach Bum Hoodie Shirt in light hemp/organic cotton knit dyed Squash with low-impact fiber reactive dye 

Thanks to Remi and Gillian for sharing sweet afternoon sunshiny goodness with us!