Sunshine - Natural Plant Dye

Sunshine, a very mellow, earthy yellow, made from natural plant dyes

Alum Mordant, Fusticwood

Powerful stimulant to the mental process. Increases alertness and cognitive abilities. Helps aid in digestion and dispels gloom. Associated with spiritual light and wealt. 

The dyestuff is the heartwood of a tropical tree related to the mulberry. It gives bright clear yellow when we mordant it with alum. The trees from which this dyestuff has been harvested have grown up wild in the Caribbean Island of the Dominican Republic. No tree is cut down for the harvest: only a large side branch is taken. All heartwood from the center of this branch is cleaned and planed by hand.

Terra-cotta - Gaia Conceptions Dyes

Terra-cotta, a low impact dye, is like a standard clay flower pot or a cooking pumpkin. 

Low-impact dyes are dyes with a higher than average absorption rate, using less water in the rinse process and leaving less dye in the water.  This creates a lower impact on the environment plus these dyes do not contain heavy metals or toxic chemical mordants.  Read more about low-impact dyes here